Start your NFT collection

You are not here to sell an NFT but want to know how to buy one and start your collection, two things are necessary for you.



Creation of your digital portfolio

In the same way as a bank account, a wallet allows you to store and manage your crypto-assets. It is through this that you will be able to connect to marketplaces and buy your NFTs. These will then be stored in your wallet. There are several different wallets but the most popular and the ones we recommend are Coinbase or Metamask.


Creating an account on an exchange

Purchase of cryptocurrency

Once your wallet has been downloaded, you will be able to fill it by purchasing cryptocurrency on the appropriate marketplaces. There are many reputable exchanges such as Binance or Coinbase which will allow you to exchange your euros for ETH (the most used cryptocurrency for the sale of NFT). You can then use your ETH to buy NFTs on dedicated marketplaces such as Opensea or Rarible

Enjoy your NFTs

In addition to appearing on your wallet, your NFTs will be visible to everyone via many platforms. It is now possible to display your NFTs as a profile picture of your Twitter account or to exhibit them on the Rarerooms site which is a virtual art gallery. You can also enjoy your NFTs in the physical world thanks to the infinite objects site which allows their video printing and display on a suitable screen.