Create and sell your NFT, easily.

We support you in the creation of NFTs and their sale on dedicated marketplaces through two distinct services

What is Rarthy

Monetize your creations in the blockchain.

Blockchain technology and NFTs are opening the doors to a new market: digital art. Selling a tweet, an original video or even a GIF, anything becomes possible.

Our role

Rarthy is an intermediary specializing in the creation of NFTs from exclusive or existing digital content and their sale on dedicated marketplaces.

Monetize publications from your social networks

Rarthy considers all digital content to be a potential work of art. Make your instagram posts or Tiktok videos unique via the blockchain and market them.

Original promotion of your products

Build your project in an original way and treat yourself to new consumers thanks to NFTs and the digital art market.

Why Rarthy advises NFTs

A booming market.

For 3 years now, NFT technology has revolutionized the world of digital art and has provided access to everyone, amateurs and professionals alike.


millions of dollars in trade volumes.


active wallets on NFT platforms.


regular buyers on NFT platforms.


regular NFT creators and platform sellers.

rarthy’s added value

Support you step by step.

Although more and more present in the topics of conversation, the world of NFT is still very new and remains obscure to many people. This is why Rarthy accompanies you step by step in your project and makes sure to answer all your doubts and all your problems.

First contact

Discussing your project together, answering your questions and defining your expectations with precision is essential.

Creation of your NFT

Rarthy takes care of converting your content into Token with unique properties on the most suitable blockchain.

Your NFT in the market

Your token is placed on the market according to your conditions and its sale is broadcast on our networks for its promotion.

You sell your NFT

Easily harvest the fruits of your labor and give yourself new visibility. Rarthy manages the sale of your NFT in cryptocurrency for you and pays you directly in euros / dollars.

Professional solution

Confidence, transparency and simplicity.

We secure the entire procedure and act transparently with you. Rarthy is at your disposal to answer all your questions.

A secure sales process

We establish a legal contract with all our clients in order to reassure you and define your conditions. These conditions are found in the smart contract created when the NFT is put on sale on the marketplace.

If your NFT cannot find a buyer

The legal contract made guarantees the content creator the full recovery of his property rights over the original work.


How does Rarthy get paid?

Rarthy takes a percentage from each successful sale. This commission is defined with you during the establishment of the legal contract: no hidden costs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions, our answers.

What is blockchain?
A blockchain is a database containing the history of all the exchanges made between its users since its creation. This information storage and transmission technology allows its users, connected in a network, to share data without intermediaries.
What is an NFT?
NFT stands for “non-fungible token”. It is a unique token that is exchanged through blockchain technology. Each NFT has its own value and characteristics and is therefore not interchangeable with another NFT.

The NFT therefore introduces the notion of digital scarcity and makes it possible to guarantee the authenticity of a work.

How do NFTs work?
The operation of NFTs or non-fungible tokens depends on smart contracts. The job of these “programs” within the blockchain is to allow users to create this type of special token to represent with them whatever they want. Almost anything can be represented digitally, and the blockchain is perfect for that.
What is their use?
NFTs can be grouped into 5 major categories that differ in terms of their use and functionality. We distinguish :

Collectibles that represent collectibles (the most famous example: crypto punk).

The Metaverses which are used in the world of gaming. For example, some NFTs represent plots of land in the virtual world of video games.

The Trading card game. NFTs are unique game cards allowing you to play on certain platforms (eg: gods unchained).

Utilities. The NFT has a real utility and offers a service (example the Namecoin project designed to create a domain name service based on the blockchain).

Artistic. The NFT is a unique digital work produced by an artist.

Where can I see my NFT?
Your NFT will appear on the wallet with which you connected to the marketplace for the purchase (example: metamask, coinbase wallet, etc.). There are also innovative solutions to take advantage of your NFTs. For example, the rarerooms site is a virtual art gallery for exhibiting NFTs.
How can you be sure that the content for sale is the original?
For the sale of content from social networks, the words “in sale by Rarthy” will be written directly on the creator’s page and on Rarthy’s.
Can not find the answer to your question ? Contact us directly.
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