Monetize your creations in the blockchain.

Market your most popular Instagram posts or Tiktok videos with NFTs.

Selecting your content

Choose an original photo or video that you are the exclusive owner of that has been very popular with your followers and get in touch with us.

The sales contract

We establish together a legal contract to guarantee the authenticity of the work and its conditions of sale.

Creation of your NFT

Rarthy takes care of converting your work into Token with unique properties on the most suitable blockchain.

Your NFT in the market

Your token is sold on a dedicated marketplace and is distributed on our networks for its promotion. The creator is asked to promote the sale of the work on his network in order to reassure the buyer of the origin of the content.

Selling your NFT

Once your NFT is sold, Rarthy converts the earned cryptocurrency into fiat currency and transfers it directly to you. By agreement, the creator is then asked to remove the work from these networks or to mention the name of the new purchaser.
You are just one click away from creating and selling your first NFTs.