Passionate about the blockchain universe

The team behind Rarthy is invested in the world of cryptocurrencies and digital art to offer you a service adapted to your needs.

Our leadership


Stéphane Bizoulier

Co-founder & CEO


Alexandre Monteiro

Co-founder & CTO

Our story

Words from the founder, Stéphane

Coming from a world completely foreign to cryptocurrencies (graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology), I took an interest in them in 2017 during the first bitcoin explosion. I am then interested in their technology and the different projects in which to invest and this is how I discover and become passionate about NFTs and their applications. After the auction of the first published tweet, I got the idea in March 2021 to sell Instagram posts using NFTs and found rarthy.

Words from the co-founder, Alexandre

Graduated in digital development and marketing, I quickly took advantage of the digital ecosystem and its rapid growth to offer my services. It is only natural that, in addition to the consulting solutions that I provide to occasional clients, I develop websites, web applications and familiarize myself with web design.
I decide to participate in Rarthy’s project by bringing all my expertise to the digital part of the project, and with the certainty that digital art is still in its infancy.